Best Teachers Day Quotes In English 2019 – Happy Teacher’s Day Quote

Best Teachers Day Quotes 2019 in English, Happy Teachers Day Quotation: Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated in India with happiness and joy on 5th September each year. On this day, Teachers Day is celebrated in every school and college of the country with delight. Teacher’s day quotes are the best way to wish your favorite teacher happy teacher day. In this article, we bring you a great collection of Teachers day quotes in English.

A teacher has an important place in human life. Teacher’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout India. Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September in India, for which we have prepared some Teacher’s Day quotes.

The Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September throughout India in the memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Along with being a great teacher. Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was the first Vice-President and second President of India after independence.

Best Teachers Day Quotes In English

It is difficult to become a teacher, but it is incredibly good work. To tell your teachers that they are doing their job very well and how wonderful they are, share these Best Teacher’s Day quotes this year with your favorite teachers. Below is the list of best teachers day quotes 2019.

Best Teachers Day Quotes 2019

“Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Satak Parabrahma, Tasme Sri Guru Dev Namah.”

“A teacher always helps you to gain knowledge, and whenever you have a problem, he/she stand beside you to help you. Thanks for being my teacher.”

“A teacher is like God because the teacher helps his students to reach the goal.”

“Teachers, be good to your students. You are the Guru and the future of their world.”

“A teacher is a knowledge bank provided by nature.”

“Good teachers make good students.”

“One teacher is enough to govern 100 students but 1 student is not enough to govern 100 teachers.”

“Behind every great successful student is a truly amazing teacher.”

“Respect women is one of the greatest gifts a teacher can shoe to a student. “

“Every time I have doubts or need advice or help, then you are the person who comes first in my mind.”

“I have learned everything required to become successful from you! Thank you for always being there Sir/Mam!”

“Always Remember One Thing: One pencil, one notebook, one student and one teacher can change the world.”

“Sir, Sir Ji, Madam, Madam Ji, Guruji, whatever name you call them, they always affect your life and they are the person who is the reason behind your success.”

Teachers Day Quotes In English Language

“A good teacher is like a lamp – he consumes himself to give light to his students.”


Happy Teacher’s Day Quotes 2019

Your teacher is your god, so on this teachers day 2019, show them how they influenced your life by these teachers day quotes. These Happy Teachers day quotes are the best way to wish your favorite teacher and also tell them how good a teacher he/she is.

Happy Teachers Day Quotes

“Thank You, respected teachers, to teach me what I know today.”

“You always gave me knowledge, and you vowed never to stop, thank you for everything.” Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day

“Today you are leading the school, tomorrow your students will lead the world.” Best Teacher Of The Year

“It takes a very big heart to shape a little mind.” Wish you Happy Teacher’s Day 2019

“We will be very thankful to you for all the hard work you have made to educate us.” Happy Teachers Day 2019

“Nature makes you a Teacher. Love makes you a Guru.” Wish You A Happy Teachers Day

“Any person can be a teacher but one person is special to become a favorite teacher.” Happy Teacher’s Day

“My favorite place is in your class.” Happy Teacher’s Day

“Thanks for being a child, a friend, and a parent whenever I needed the right person for me! You are the best teacher I know!” Happy Teachers Day

“God gave me the best gift by giving you as my teacher! I can never thank him enough!” You’re the Best Teacher

“I am a teacher, I define myself in this way, a good teacher is not who answers his student’s questions. A good teacher is one who understands the needs and challenges and helps everyone to make them successful.” Happy Teachers Day 2019

Quotes For Teachers From Student

Teachers and students can have different relationships. It is really sad if they are confined to only teacher and student relation. But if you are on good terms with your teacher, then you are a really happy student. With these teachers day quotes, the student can wish their teacher’s Happy teacher day.

Quotes For Teachers From Student

“Thank you for giving us the knowledge you could give.”

“Thank you, teacher, for those extraordinary lessons that you teach me without scolding.”

“The most important influence in my school life was my teacher.”

“You changed my life with just the right mixture of chalk and knowledge.”

Hope you liked our collection of Teacher’s Day Quotes 2019. All these quotes on teachers day have been selected with love so that you can share them with your teachers on their Facebook Wall. Happy Teachers Day 2019 to all the respected teachers on behalf of Team TDQ.

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