Teachers Day Quotes in Malayalam (അധ്യാപകദിനം സന്ദേശങ്ങൾ)

Famous Teachers Day Quotes in Malayalam Language 2019 (അധ്യാപകദിനം സന്ദേശങ്ങൾ): Today Teachers Day is being celebrated throughout India. In India, the relation between guru and disciple from ancient time has been an important part of India’s culture. After our parents, our teachers teach us the real way to live. The teachers inspire us to walk on the right path.

Today, all students greet their teachers with special messages and quotes. Teachers who have a very important role in the success of students, this is the time for those students to wish his/her teacher with these quotes for Teachers Day in Malayalam texts. But because some students live out of the town, the students are unable to meet their teacher and unable to wish them Happy teachers day. For such a situation, we have brought some best Teacher’s Day quotes 2019 (അധ്യാപക ദിന ഉദ്ധരണികൾ), messages, greeting for you in Malayalam language. Through these teachers day quotes, a student can give good wishes to his/her teachers on WhatsApp or any other social media network.

Teachers Day Quotes In Malayalam Language
Teachers Day Quotes Images In Malayalam

“enṟe jīvitattile mikacca adhyāpakar enṟe balahīnatakaḷekkuṟicc ennēāṭ paṟaññiṭṭilla. avar enṟe śakti kāṇiccu.”


“oru nalla adhyāpakan paṭhanattin bud’dhimuṭṭuḷḷa āḷukaḷuṭe sthānatt svayaṁ sthānaṁ piṭikkān kaḻiyaṇaṁ.”


“oru meḻukutiri āyirikkuka, oru prakāśamāyirikkuka, oru minnalāyirikkuka, oru pratīkṣayāyirikkuka, pracēādanamāyirikkuka, ennēkkuṁ oru mikacca adhyāpakanākuka.”


“nam’muṭe adhyāpakaruṭe kṣamayuṁ tyāgavuṁ ellā divasavuṁ āghēāṣikkaṇaṁ. varṣattil oru divasaṁ mātramalla. ī pratyēka avasarattil niṅṅaḷkk ellāvidha āśansakaḷuṁ nērunnu.”

teachers day quotes images in Malayalam 2
Teachers Day Quotes In Malayalam Image

“oru adhyāpakanṟe uddēśyaṁ svantaṁ imējil vidyārt’thikaḷe sr̥ṣṭikkukayalla, maṟicc avaruṭe svantaṁ imējukaḷ sr̥ṣṭikkān kaḻiyunna vidyārt’thikaḷe vikasippikkuka ennatāṇ.”


“lēākattile ēṟṟavuṁ mikacca adhyāpakar pustakattil ninnalla, hr̥dayattil ninnāṇ paṭhippikkunnat.”


“niṅṅaḷ paṟayunna ōrēā vākkuṁ aṟiv niṟaññatāṇ. enne sambandhicciṭattēāḷaṁ, niṅṅaḷ mikacca adhyāpakanāṇ, ellāyppēāḻuṁ āyirikkuṁ. ñān niṅṅaḷuṭe muḻuvan hr̥dayatteyuṁ bahumānikkunnu. adhyāpaka dinattin 2019 āśansakaḷ”

teachers day quotes images in Malayalam

Teachers Day Quotes Images In Malayalam Language

Best Teachers Day Quotes In Malayalam Language

In India, Every year Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5. On this day, students give greeting cards and gifts to their teachers and give them best wishes. Preparation of Teacher’s Day celebration in all schools and colleges of India starts a few days before 5th September.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of former President of India Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the whole country celebrates 5th September as a Teacher’s Day. Radhakrishnan was the conductor of Indian culture, eminent educationist and a great philosopher. Here are the best teachers day quotes in Malayalam text (അധ്യാപകദിനം സന്ദേശങ്ങൾ) in the memory of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

teachers day quotes in malayalam

Famous Teachers Day Quotes In Malayalam Language

The teacher has great importance in the student’s life because he/she is the only auxiliary material for his/her knowledge. In order to understand the importance of a teacher in life in very simple words, here we are providing some quotes on Teachers Day which will explain the teachers in some words.

Here are some famous quotes on teacher day in Malayalam language (അധ്യാപകദിനം സന്ദേശങ്ങൾ). Here we have a collection of some famous Malayalam Teachers Day Quotes. Our team lovingly collected these quotes so that each student can give good wishes to his/her teacher by these quotations and pictures.

“niṅṅaḷ ñaṅṅaḷe oru adhyāpakaneppēāle paṭhippiccu, ñaṅṅaḷuṭe mātāpitākkaḷeppēāle ñaṅṅaḷe sanrakṣikkukayuṁ oru upadēṣṭāvineppēāle ñaṅṅaḷe nayikkukayuṁ ceytu. ī divasattin niṅṅaḷ tīrccayāyuṁ arhanāṇ. enṟe ēṟṟavuṁ priyappeṭṭa adhyāpakan adhyāpaka dināśansakaḷ.”


“inn niṅṅaḷkk oru pratyēka divasamāṇ. oru iṭavēḷa eṭutt niṅṅaḷuṭe samayaṁ āsvadikkū. viṣamikkēṇṭa, kāraṇaṁ niṅṅaḷuṭe sthānatt maṟṟārkkuṁ kaḻiyilla. kāraṇaṁ niṅṅaḷ mikaccavarāṇ!”


“yāteāru lakṣyavumillāte niṅṅaḷe nayikkunna mātāpitākkaḷāṇ adhyāpakar. priya adhyāpika – enṟe śaktiyuṁ pracēādanavuṁ ākān ñān nandi paṟayunnu.”

teachers day quotes in Malayalam Language

Quotes For Teachers Day in Malayalam Language

Happy Teachers Day Quotes In Malayalam

It is well-known that teachers play a major role in our success. In order to achieve success, they help us in many ways, like enhancing our knowledge, skill level, etc. and keep our lives in the correct shape. Therefore, we also have some responsibility for our loyal teacher.

Here some thoughtful Happy teacher’s day quotes in Malayalam (അധ്യാപകദിനം സന്ദേശങ്ങൾ) so that teacher’s day can be made memorable. Read the following Teacher’s Day quotes about what it means to be a teacher, by expressing your feelings towards your teacher by these words that they are truly valuable.

“niṅṅaḷkk 2019 adhyāpaka dināśansakaḷ, niṅṅaḷ enṟe ekkālatteyuṁ priyappeṭṭa adhyāpakanāṇ. niṅṅaḷil ninn ñān palatuṁ paṭhiccuveṅkiluṁ jīvitattil oru nalla vyaktiyākunnat eṅṅaneyenn ñān paṭhiccu.”


“ārkkuṁ nēṭāvunna ēṟṟavuṁ mikacca teāḻilāṇ adhyāpanaṁ. niṅṅaḷe enṟe ad’dhyāpakanākkiyatil ñān bhāgyavānāṇenn tēānnunnu. santuṣṭamāya ad’dhyāpaka dinaṁ.”

Teachers Day Quotes Images In Malayalam Language

“enneppēāluḷḷa ceṟuppakkāre pracēādippikkunnatinuḷḷa oru pratyēka śakti niṅṅaḷkkuṇṭ. ñaṅṅaḷuṭe skūḷukaḷiluṁ kēāḷējukaḷiluṁ niṅṅaḷeppēāluḷḷa kūṭutal adhyāpakare ñaṅṅaḷkk āvaśyamuṇṭ. niṅṅaḷkk adhyāpaka dināśansakaḷ!”


“niṅṅaḷ oru adhyāpakan mātramalla, enikk oru yathārt’tha pracēādanamāṇ. niṅṅaḷ niṅṅaḷuṭe jēāli mātramalla, atinēkkāḷ kūṭutal ceytu.”


“hr̥dayattil ninn ñaṅṅaḷe paṭhippiccatin nandi. santuṣṭamāya ad’dhyāpaka dinaṁ.”

Happy teachers day quotes in malayalam

Happy Teachers Day Quotes With Images In Malayalam

It is hard for someone to speak his/her feeling, but what you feel you can express through some magical words. Now when you have the collection of best Malayalam teachers day quotes. To express your feelings, we will become your voice through our quotations. So be ready on this 2019 Teachers Day to make your teacher feel like they have never felt before. Happy Teacher Day to all the respected teachers out there.

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