Best Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada With Images & Greeting Cards

Happy Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada language, Quotes about teaches in Kannada, Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada Images: Our country India, Teachers Day is celebrated with great pomp on 5 September every year to express gratitude to the teachers. Teachers in India have always been ranked above God because they not only teach but spend their time in developing morality with humans. September 5 is an important day for teachers and student in India. The second President of India, the great academic and philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5 September. To honor him and all the teachers of the nation, this day is celebrated as National Teacher’s Day.

This day is dedicated to teachers and is celebrated with enthusiasm and respect. Every school and college has its own way of celebrating Teacher’s Day. Teachers play a very important role in creating a nation and responsible citizens.

Some great teachers day quotes in Kannada language are dedicated to all the teachers. Let’s read here some heart touching teacher’s day quotes in Kannada language.

Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada With Images

Siksakanu maguvina atmavannu jivitavadhiyalli posisuttane.

Quotes About Teachers In Kannada

Nanu kaliyalu ayke madida ondu karana vendare nivu nanage sphurti nididdiri.

Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada Images
Yavude vidyarthiyu hondabahudada atyuttama siksaka nivu. Sikṣakara dinada subhasayagalu.


Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada

Nanna jagattannu asṭu paripurnavagisiddakkagi dhanyavadagalu. Siksakara dinada subhasayagaḷu!

Teachers Day Quotes and Saying In Kannada
Nivu nanna jivanakke sphurti, margadarsi, menada batti. Nivu nanna guru endu nanu tumba krrtajnanagiddene.

Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada Language

Vidyarthiya ondu pramukha gunalaksanavendare prasnisuvudu. Vidyarthigalige prasnegalannu kelalu anumatisi.

Happy Teachers Day In Kannada

Jivana hagu samaya i visvada bahudodda siksakaru. Jivana samayada sadupayoga kalisidare, samaya badukina maulya tilisuttade

Teachers Day Quotes In Kannada 1

Hope you liked our collection of Kannada teachers day quotes, weren’t these quotes images are beautiful? Share these quotes images with them today to greet Teacher’s Day to wish your teachers and make them feel special.

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