Happy Teachers Day Poem In English & Hindi – Shikshak Diwas Kavita

Here is a unique and beautiful collection of heart touching Teachers Day Poem in English and Hindi Language (Shishak Diwas Kavita). Pick up one Teachers Day Poem which is closest to your heart and read it aloud from the stage for your teacher. Another great idea is, print these amazing Teachers Day Kavita on the Teachers Day Greeting Card got for him/her. The idea behind these cute and some short Poem on Teachers Day is to say Thanks to your teacher for all his/her hard work, care, sacrifices and attention for you.

Happy Teachers Day Poem In English

Here in this article, we’re providing you a beautiful collection of some short and long Happy Teachers Day Poems for teachers. Teacher and student relationships are key to well-being. Teachers Day is the time that you can show your love & respect towards your teachers with these teachers day poem in English.

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1) Short Poem on Teachers Day From Student

In every school, to every student
There’s a special teacher.
To every teacher, to every student
There’s a special bond.
To every bond to every moment
There’s a special time that we’ll think
Back and say to ourselves “That teacher
Really cared!”
If you know that teacher cares
Your life will brighten up.
Cause now you know that
If you fall, that same special teacher
Will come and help you up.

~ Gloria Celiant

2) Short Teachers Day Poem for Kids

I look forward to your class
When I come to school.
You’re an awesome teacher;
I think you’re very cool.
You’re smart and fair and friendly;
You’re helping all of us.
And if I got to grade you,
From me, you’d get A+!

~ Joanna Fuchs

3) Happy Teachers Day Poetry

The greatest teacher of all
Is our Lord, Jesus Christ

The kindest teacher of all
Is our Lord, Jesus Christ

The meekest teacher of all
Is our Lord, Jesus Christ

The most loving teacher of all
Is our Lord, Jesus Christ

So I can boldly say,
That I love my teacher, Jesus Christ

~ Jacqueline AntwiDanso

4) Happy Teacher’s Day Poem in English

Today is your day,
And we’d like to thank.
We won’t misbehave,
Nor pull a new prank.
We’re extremely grateful,
For all the things that you do.
We appreciate and acknowledge,
As we look through your view.
Sometimes we don’t listen,
While you repeatedly explain.
We’re sorry for our insincerity,
And for causing you pain.
You’ve shown us the importance,
With the effort to strive.
For knowledge and success,
And not just survive.
We would like to add,
From our hearts, we really care.
You mean a lot to us,
You’re beautifully rare.
Happy Teacher’s Day,
To a special teacher like you.
With your wisdom you guide us,
To a life that is humble and true.

~ Anitapoems.com

5) The Best Teachers Poem from Students in English

Teachers open up young minds,
Showing them the wonders of the intellect
And the miracle
Of being able to think for themselves.
A teacher exercises
The mental muscles of students,
Stretching and strengthening,
So they can make challenging decisions,
Find their way in the world,
And become independent.
The best teachers care enough
To gently push and prod students
To do their best
And fulfill their potential.
You are one of those.
Thank you.

Final Word

Teachers day is one of the significant occasion which is celebrated all over the country. A teacher is an important person in everyone’s life. All our dreams and ambitions depend on our teacher. All our achievement and success are the fruit of our teacher’s hard work. Now with the above Happy Teachers Day Poems and Poetry on teachers say thanks to your teachers for their hard work.

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Happy Teachers Day Poem In Hindi

Do you want to thank and honor your teachers for their precious contributions through poem or poetry? If yes, then here are some long and short Poem on Teachers day in Hindi.

Our teachers have a huge contribution to our lives. Whatever we are today is due to the knowledge given by our teachers. That is why we should be thankful to our teachers for life. Never forget their great deeds and every year, Teacher’s Day should be celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.

Teachers Day Poem In Hindi

shikshak hai shiksha ka saagar,
shikshak baanten gyaan baraabar,

shikshak mandir jaisee pooja,
maata-pita ka naam hai dooja,

pyaase ko jaise milata paanee,
shikshak hai vo hee jindagaanee,

shikshak na dekhe jaat-paat,
shikshak na karata paksh-paat,

nirdhan ho ya ho dhanavaan,
shikshak ko sab ek saamaan.

shikshak maajhee naav kinaara,
shikshak doobate ko sahaara,

shikshak ka sada hee kahana,
shram lagan hai sachcha gahana.

~ Harindar Singh Gogna


2) Beautiful Shikshak Diwas Kavita in Hindi Fonts

Shikshak Diwas Kavita

Jeevan mein jo raah dikhae,
sahee tarah chalana sikhae.

maat-pita se pahale aata,
jeevan mein sada aadar paata.

sabako maan pratishtha jisase,
seekhee kartavyanishtha jisase.

kabhee raha na door main jisase,
vah mera pathadarshak hai jo.

mere man ko bhaata,
vah mera shikshak kahalaata.

kabhee hai shaant, kabhee hai dheer,
svabhaav mein sada gambheer,

man mein dabee rahe ye ichchha,
kaash main us jaisa ban paata,

jo mera shikshak kahalaata,
jo mera shikshak kahalaata.

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3) Hindi Poetry on Shikshak Rakshak Sanskaar Ka

Baalak mann phulwaari sa,
Shikshak rakshak sanskaar ka,
Andhkaar bhari raah ka,
Shikshak deep gyaan ka.

Samast vishav viraat ka,
Mastishk yeh utthan ka,
Jeevan rath par adhyayanrat,
Shikshak pipaasu gyan ka.

Behati nadi ki jheel sa,
Paawan man hota shikshak ka,
Chhut – achhut se rehata nyara,
Uchch satriya mann shikshak ka.

~Ambale Baburaao ‘Amba’

5) Mahaan Guruji Poem on Teachers Day in Hindi

Vidya dete daan guruji,
Har lete agyaan guruji.

Akshar akshar humein sikhate,
Shabd shabd ka arth bataate,

Kabhi pyar se kabhi daant se,
Hum ko dete gyaan guruji.

Jod, ghataana, guna bataate,
Prashan ganit ke hal karwaate,

Har galti ko thik karaate,
Pakad hamaare kaan guruji.

Dharati ka bhugol bataate,
Itihaason ki katha sunaate,

Kya, kab, kaise ho jaata hai?
Samjhaate vigyaan guruji.

Khel khilaate geet gawaate,
Kabhi padhate, kabhi khilaate.

Achhe aur bure ki humko,
Karwaate pehchaan guruji.

~Shiv Narayan ‘Singh’


6) Happy Teachers Day Poems in Hindi Character

roj subah milate hai inase, kya hamako karana hai,
ye batalaate hai .

le ke tasveeren insaanon kee, sahee galat ka bhed hamen,
ye batalaate hai .

kabhee daant to kabhee pyaar se, kitana kuchh hamako,
ye samajhaate hai .

hai bhavishy desh ka jin mein, unaka sabaka bhavishy,
ye banaate hai .

hai ragan kaee is jeevan mein, ragon kee duniya se pahachaan,
ye karavaate hai .

kho na jaaye bheed mein kaheen ham, ham ko ham se hee,
ye milavaate hai .

haar haar ke phir ladana hee jeet hai sachchee, aisa ehasaas,
ye karavaate hai .

koshish karate rahana har pal, jeevan ka arth hamen,
ye batalaate hai .

dete hai nek mazil bhee hamen, raah bhee behattar hame,
ye dikhalaate hai .

dete hai gyaan jeevan ka, kaam yahee sab hai inaka,
ye shikshak kahalaate hai .

Final Words

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